George James Broomhead

George Broomhead was a 36-year-old horse dealer from Nottingham who was transported for stealing a horse, arriving in Van Diemen’s Land in 1844 on the convict ship Marion. He was listed as a farm labourer, gardener and groom who could read and write. George was described as having a ruddy complexion with brown hair and hazel eyes. He was 5 foot 7 inches and had a tear on his left elbow. He had a mole on his right arm, a dent in his chest and a large mole on his breast. He received his ticket of leave 17 April 1849. He was fined £4/18/- and to pay costs after beating a horse on 17 August 1850. He was convicted of stealing £23, the property of Stephen Parkhouse on 14 October 1850, but was discharged. On the same date he was charged with resisting a constable in the execution of his duty and fined £1. After serving his time on a probation gang in the Victoria Valley, George married Sarah Lambert, a fellow convict, both protestant, in 1850. They lived at South Arm where George was listed as a resident farmer and dealer on the electoral, valuation and jury rolls 1856-1861. There are seven children recorded to George and Sarah, the second born, Frances, lived only a little over one month and died at South Arm. His conditional pardon was approved 8 April 1851.George may have adopted the use of his second name James at some point as a likely death appears on the Colonial Links record in 1872 also from Nottingham Shire England, and as it happens Sarah re marries in August that same year. A hospital report confirms he died of diarrhoea at the age of 67 and was admitted 9 March dying 22 days later on 31 March 1872.

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Knopwood Lectures: The Knopwood historical lectures: a pioneer history of the Derwent's south eastern shore / a bicentennial project of the Rokeby High School. George has a brick at Campbell Town: