Sarah Lambert

Sarah Ellen Lambert Convict Ship: Cadet

Freckle faced housemaid Sarah Lambert was transported from Chelmsford in 1849 for stealing clothing- a cap from the workhouse. Aged 21, she already had a previous conviction for theft of ten shillings, larceny at age 18 which she received 2 months, plus one month for disorderly conduct. Her real name was listed on her record as Mary Meany though this could just be an alias. Sarah was listed on the 1841 census at age 12 being in the Dunmow Union workhouse in Essex. Sarah could read and write, she was single, 5 foot 4 ¾ tall with black hair, black eyebrows and hazel eyes.

She received her ticket of leave on 27 January 1852 and was free by servitude on 19 October 1855. In 1850 she married George Broomhead, a fellow convict. The couple settled down at Ralph’s Bay, and together had seven children. It appears they moved to Brighton as some of the children were born there.

Sarah married Frederick Hagan 12 August 1872 at New Norfolk and they have two children. Frederick died on 15 January 1904 and Sarah died on 26 April 1912 at Bushy Park. Both are buried at Red Hills cemetery.

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