Convict Trail

South Arm Convict Trail

Follow the South Arm Convict Trail and learn more about the European men and women who settled the South Arm Peninsula.

Until now, the stories and most of the convict names have largely been forgotten, hidden under the twentieth century development of beach houses and shacks.

These are the convicts assigned to William Gellibrand who received the first land grant of 2220 acres at Arm End with ten convicts. William was known for the care of his convict servants, providing them with a comfortable hut and clothing that did not distinguish them as prisoners.

His grandson George followed and had a list of pass holders from 1848 to 1852.

The Trail

The Trail is a series of 14 interpretative signs. The start and mid points (A & B) provide general information and each of the 12 signs along the Trail tell the story of an individual convict.

Starting at the BBQ near the South Arm Community Centre in Calverton Place (A), it runs along the multi-use path to the Opossum Bay Park, just past the shop.

Download the South Arm Convict Trail brochure and map which also includes details of the Gellilbrand Vault.

Follow the trail then read more about the convict men and women here

South Arm Convict Trail
South Arm Convict Trail